Dr. Christina Baghdanov

Dr. Christina Baghdanov is a formally trained and licensed Naturopathic Physician with a special interest in skin health, skin rejuvenation and medical aesthetics. She completed five years of primary care medical training at the National University of Natural Medicine in Portland Oregon, aesthetics-specific training from Aesthetic Medical Educators Training, and ongoing continuing education to stay on top of the latest news and procedures to keep her patients safe. The patient-experience is especially important to her, and she wants you to be as comfortable as possible during your visit. Christina often tries procedures on herself first so she can understand and empathize with the patient’s perspective.

Before attending medical school, Christina worked in the electrical and renewable energy trades. It was during this period of her life, while living out of hotel rooms and eating on the run, that she gained an interest in health and optimal living. Upon discovering the Primal, Paleo, and Ancestral Health movements, she began incorporating their nutritional, physical, and mental ideologies into her life. Habits such as eating a low-processed and natural-foods diet, functional movements that focus on mobility and agility, and a youthful state of mind.

She entered naturopathic medical school with the intention to “learn how to live forever”. Treating external factors, like collagen loss, fine lines, wrinkles, and facial and body contouring is just one aspect of that creed. As a naturopathic physician she understands that agelessness is not just skin deep. It is dependent on a healthy nutritional status, healthy physical status (that includes agility and mobility), optimal mental and spiritual health, and a adequate dose of playfulness. She believes that “play” is an essential aspect that keeps people young in mind and body, and contributes to mobility, exercise, and life experience. Her favorite quote about life is “Live long, drop dead” -Grok.

Christina is a Northwest native. It was lucky happenstance that NUNM was located in her hometown of Portland, Oregon. As a Northwest native she grew up surrounded by forest and mountains and has a fondness for exploring them. In her free time, if she is not already on an epic adventure, she is usually planning one. She believes that even if you do rough and dirty activities like hiking, climbing, biking, working on your vehicles, working on the house or yard, or Crossfitting and powerlifting, doesn’t mean you can’t still look good doing it.

She is an active participant of the Burning Man festival, the world’s largest playground, where she is sure to find giant swing-sets, trampolines, and all sorts of weird stuff to climb on, and is active with the PlayaPops Symphony where she plays the flute – a hobby that she has continued since high school and college. She is also an artistic contributor to the Portland Winter Lights Festival. If you have attended this event you may have seen her artwork floating around in the form of glowing jellyfish. She is an avid crafter and excels at tasks that require fine motor skills like small electrical work, knitting, sewing, and Diamond Painting. These skills are why she naturally gravitated towards procedures and needle-work in her field.