Frequently asked questions

Who can inject in Oregon?2021-08-26T18:15:34+00:00

In Oregon, physicians (ND, MD, DO) may perform injections independently. Nurses and physicians assistants can perform injections with the supervision and oversight of a medical physician. You may have been in an office where the procedure was approved by a physician, but the injections were performed by someone else. At Ageless Aesthetics, Dr. Christina personally performs each injection herself so you will always receive direct, personalized care.

What kind of training is required to be an injector?2021-08-26T18:14:10+00:00

Besides completing standard medical training, aesthetics injectors are required to complete additional training beyond physician, nursing, or physician assistant training. Dr. Christina completed her aesthetics specific training through Aesthetic Medical Educators Training (AMET) which includes several classroom and hand-on training hours, additional training provided by the companies she represents, and ongoing education from a myriad of professional injectors.

Do you take insurance?2021-08-26T18:13:33+00:00

No. Cosmetic procedures are elective and are not covered by insurance.

What is your Covid policy?2021-08-26T18:13:00+00:00

The CDC and Multnomah County policies change rapidly. We try to keep up with the latest news and policies, and keep you updated and safe. For our full Covid policy please click here.

How do I make an appointment?2021-08-26T18:08:03+00:00

If you are a NEW patient our first appointment will be a virtual consultation so we can discuss your treatment goals. You can schedule this by clicking on the Book Now button at the top of the page. If you are a RETURNING patient you may book an appointment through your patient portal.

Are you open for drop-in appointments?2021-08-26T18:02:18+00:00

At this time, the office is only available by appointment only.

What time should I arrive?2021-08-26T18:01:22+00:00

Please arrive to the building 15-20 minutes early to allow time for parking and to arrive to the office, located on the 2nd floor. If you arrive early, there is a coffee shop located on the first floor as well as a public art lobby. This area experiences heavy train traffic, please plan accordingly. If you are arriving from the South, it is strongly encouraged to detour around the train tracks that cross SE 12th Ave, via SE Grand Ave, or SE 21st Ave.

Is there parking available?2021-08-26T17:59:29+00:00

Street parking is available in the blocks around the building. The best areas to park are the blocks on the North side of Division Street. There is a small pay parking lot located behind the building and also on SE 10th Ave.

Refund/Return policy?2021-08-26T17:57:55+00:00

Sorry, there are no refunds on products or services.

What is the Cancellation Policy?2021-08-26T17:55:22+00:00

We kindly ask that you give us 24 hours notice if you need to cancel or reschedule an existing appointment. We will email and text to confirm your appointment 1 to 2 days before as a courtesy. If you cancel without proper notice, you will be charged a $50 no-show fee. This no-show fee is also applied to virtual appointments.

What payment methods do you accept?2021-08-26T17:53:12+00:00

At this time we accept credit and debit card payments.

What is the recovery time for treatments?2021-08-26T17:52:37+00:00

For treatments with neuromodulators recovery time is 15 minutes or less, with full results visible after 2 weeks. For dermal filler treatments, recovery time is 3-5 days, with full results visible after 2 weeks. For microneedling, recovery time is 1-3 days, with best results seen after 3 treatments.

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